About us

Elma TT group exceeds the customer expectation of a supplier considering not only the product requirements but all “system” activities related. With more than 170 employees across three production ISO 9001:2008 facilities and other strategic locations throughout Europe we can handle any challenge the global market may throw at us. Our main customers come from the demanding markets of the sectors such as welding equipment, various industry, machine & equipment, small and domestic appliances.

You can call upon our specialists through the entire project, from the initial design sketches to the supply of the series. On the basis of our extensive experience, we will work with you and provide advice in order to create a technically and economically optimum product.

We specialise in serial and specialised production of a wide range of products covering dry-type transformers, chokes and presentation equipment. The ELMA TT company is comprised of 4 companies based in Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Serbia. In order to satisfy all our customers’ needs, we are offering custom designed products that meet their specific requirements.