Industrial Relays

Industrial relay

Compact relays for industrial purpose with 1, 2 or 3 change – over contacts, available in AC or DC coils with 8 or 11 pins plug – in terminals.  The relays are dust proof IP 50 according to EN  60529 with insulation parts from nonflamable material.


Main characteristics

  • Monostable, neutral relays
  • DC or AC coils
  • High switching power
  • 1, 2 or 3 change – over contacts
  • 8 or 11 pins terminals
  • Single or double flag for switch indication
  • LED for switch indication
  • Manual test key
  • Protection diode for DC types
  • Socets and accessories
  • VDE, CE, UL approval

Relays TRP 68 and TRP 69 are versions with single or double flag. Single (red flag) appears when the relay is in the operated position. When the relay releases the red flag disappears.

Double flag relay version has beside the red flag another yellow flag which remains latched, even when the relay release. Red flag in the window means that the relay has energized. Yellow flag in the window means that the relay was energized but now it is in the released position. Yellow flag returns to its normal positions with an arm on the top side of the relay.

relay TRP 68 and TRP 69 has also a test key on the top side of the relay for manual switching of the contacts. This key can be activated permanently with a safety clip for permanent relay switching.